Getting to know Lyons Filter Company

Established in 1998, Lyons Filter Company was formed to support an industry demand for experienced technical support in industrial water treatment, storage, and distribution systems such as Carbon Towers, Ultrafiltration Systems, Lime Treatment Systems, Media Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems. 
Lyons Filter Company has the expertise to provide the products and service in demand for industrial water treatment systems.
In addition to capital projects, today’s bottler requires a business partner who can provide an affordable solution for maintaining and enhancing their current water treatment systems effectively and efficiently.

Lyons Filter Company provides services from new design installations to refurbishment, and enhancement of existing systems. Our client list exceeds 1500 and extends world wide.
Our goal is to provide quality service and solutions to our clients with minimal interruption in production and promote mutual growth with newer technology increasing efficiency and profitability.


Lyons Filter strives to provide the appropriate equipment solutions and necessary service support to optimize the water treatment requirements of our clientele.

Contact Lyons Filter Company today to assist you with sizing and supply about your water treatment enquires today.