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Lyons Filter Company can custom design and build a Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration system to fit in your exiting water room or we can design and turnkey install all new water system to meet your required needs.  Our system are specially built for the beverage bottling industry.
Water is a precious resource essential for life, and ensuring its quality and availability is of utmost importance. In the pursuit of clean and safe water, membrane systems have emerged as a revolutionary technology for water treatment. These advanced membrane systems employ cutting-edge technology to purify water by removing contaminants, microorganisms, and impurities. In this article, we will explore the key components and benefits of modern membrane systems for water treatment.
Membrane Filtration Process: Membrane systems use semi-permeable membranes to separate impurities from water. The process involves the passage of water through these membranes, leaving behind contaminants. There are several types of membrane processes commonly used in water treatment:
  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO): This process uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove salts, minerals, and other impurities, producing high-purity water suitable for drinking or industrial purposes.
  2. Ultrafiltration (UF): UF membranes are effective in removing suspended solids, bacteria, and macromolecules, making it an excellent choice for pretreatment in various water treatment systems.
  3. Microfiltration (MF): MF membranes target larger particles and microorganisms, making them ideal for improving the quality of surface water and groundwater.
  4. Nanofiltration (NF): NF bridges the gap between RO and UF, removing divalent ions while allowing the passage of monovalent ions, offering versatility in water treatment applications.

The Benefits of Advanced Membrane Systems

Here are some key benefits of these innovative systems:
High Purity:  Membrane systems ensure water is free from contaminants, bacteria, and viruses, making it safe for all uses.
Sustainability:  Reduced chemical usage means a lighter environmental footprint, aligning with our commitment to a greener planet.
Flexibility: Tailored solutions to match diverse water sources and treatment needs, whether for municipalities or industries.
Compact Design:  Save space without compromising on water quality.
Energy Efficiency:  With advancements, energy consumption is lower, making treatment both cost-effective and eco-friendly.


Reverse Osmosis: 50-500 GPM Permeate:
  • Single Pass
  • Double Pass
  • Recovery & Combination Equipment
  • Specialty Storage Tanks
  • Particulate Filtration & UV Skids
  • Customized Production Transfer Pump and UV Skids

Membrane System Specifications

You can download the membrane system specification by click the buttons.

Contact Lyons Filter Company today to assist you with sizing and supply about your water treatment enquires today.

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