Lyons Filter Company, the origins and today…​

Lyons Filter Company was born in a garage in Lyons, Colorado by Charles Baumhover and Mike Guerney.

Mike and Charles came from humble backgrounds both serving in the armed forces and then becoming great friends while working together for a Colorado based water filtration equipment manufacturer.  After years of hard work and dedication to providing quality equipment and top-notch customer support, Mike and Charles found themselves in a post buy-out company shutdown with customers remaining to contact them for service and support.  It was at this time that Mike and Charles would tell you that “we were too young to retire, and too old to find new jobs”.
From Charles’ garage in Lyons Colorado sometime in 1998 “Lyons Fabrication Company” was born and their first task was to build and deliver a set of chemical feed pumps for lime treatment systems.
Projects moved fast for Mike and Charles and soon they found themselves traveling the United States to service existing equipment, training, consulting on best filtration practices and supplying small parts and equipment to their customers.
Customer service has always been the top priority and when the customer needed to talk to someone, they would get someone to talk to. This philosophy helped catapult them into their largest project shortly after starting the company.
In 2002, they were asked to build, deliver and startup a fully functioning 26,000 gallon per hour lime treatment system. Since this system would be larger than Charles’ garage in Lyons, Colorado it was decided to move the company to a 1,500 sq. ft. shop/office space in Frederick, Colorado and at that time the company name was updated to “Lyons Filter Co. Inc.” with an official first logo.
Since this project was too large for two people, they called upon some of their old friends and work mates. One of which was Steven Mussman, who was brought on to support the project on a design and drafting capacity. At night away from his regular job, Steven, would draw the equipment layouts, as well as customer and fabrication drawings for the project team to work with during the day.
The project was a significant success and most of the team was permanently hired to become the new Lyons Filter Co. Inc. team to work on the service and equipment projects that began to come in. Steven remained with the other company he worked for but still worked for Lyons Filter Co. Inc. at nights and weekends for a number of years.
Soon as with most successful organizations, changes were inevitable. In 2004, Mike and Charles purchased a joining shop/office space doubling the office and shop work area to 3,000 sq. ft. to accommodate the growing company’s needs.
After a few years of steady work, the engineering manager moved on to Iowa which opened a position of which Steven Mussman soon stepped into in November, 2006. That same year the company adopted a new logo and officially became known as “Lyons Filter Company” or as some of the employees affectionately refer to it as simply “LFC”.
Over the next few years, the Lyons Filter Company team updated their technologies and what they could offer customers.  The company still focused heavily on customer service and producing quality custom filtration equipment and solutions.
2008 was an especially difficult year for the company.  The overall economic downturn and capital expenditure freeze that most of Lyons Filter Company’s clients enacted put a significant strain on what the company could supply.  Mike and Charles saw an opportunity to shift the LFC’s focus to a more service driven approach which kept the company heathy and sustainable.  Even as the country moved out of the recession the approach to focus on service projects remained the majority of the business model with some equipment projects done.
In 2010, Charles Baumhover retired from the day-to-day operations of the company to focus on his family and hobbies leaving Mike Guerney to solely run the company for another 6 years.  In those 6 years LFC added Ultra-Filtration systems to its equipment packages expanding further with the technologies LFC could offer.
Sometime in 2014, Mike, Charles and Steven began discussing how Steven could purchase Lyons Filter Company.  Mike allowed Steven to make more management decisions for the company to prepare for the transition.  Over a few months, Steven prepared for the purchase and finally after a lot of paperwork, thinking and preparation, on February 1st, 2016 with pen to paper, Steven Mussman became the new sole owner and president of Lyons Filter Company.
Soon after the purchase, Steven began to make changes to the many aspects of how the company operated to bring more attention to equipment projects, suppling customers with complete water system packages including membrane systems and more sophisticated control packages as well as maintaining a healthy service project portfolio which now included equipment service contracts.  More technologies were utilized, a more robust employee benefit package was adopted, and maintaining the customer service driven success model LFC began to grow a little more each year. 
Sometime in 2019 it was evident that the growth trajectory of the company LFC would be forced to relocate to a larger space but then March of that year the country and the world were thrusted into a pandemic.
The 2008 economic challenges that the company survived helped navigate the pandemic for the next few months.  Right away the staff contacted clients to let them know we were here and we were going to remain in service for them to help successfully navigate these times.  With a lot of hard work and talented individuals LFC thrived during the pandemic, moved to a new location in Greeley, Colorado and are today focused on our client needs and meeting or exceeding their expectations. 
From a small two-man operation starting out in a garage in Lyons, Colorado, established in 1998, Lyons Filter Company was formed to support an industry demand for experienced technical support in industrial water treatment, storage, and distribution systems such as Carbon Towers, Pump and Chemical Feed Skids, UV Disinfection Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems, Media Filters, Sludge Dewatering Systems, Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Systems, and as with how the company began and will always remain, the Lime Treatment Systems.
Lyons Filter Company has the expertise to provide the products and service in demand for industrial water treatment systems.
In addition to capital projects, today’s bottler requires a business partner who can provide an affordable solution for maintaining and enhancing their current water treatment systems effectively and efficiently. Lyons Filter Company provides services from new design installations to refurbishment, and enhancement of existing systems.  Our clients are not only in the United States but found worldwide and growing every day.
Our goal has been and will remain to provide the highest quality service and solutions to our clients with minimal interruption in production and promote mutual growth with newer technology increasing efficiency and profitability.
…and still after 25 years you will get a human when you call.

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