We can supply specialized components or subsystems that are specifically designed and constructed to meet unique or specific requirements of a particular water treatment application. These custom assemblies are not off-the-shelf or standard components but are tailored to address the specific needs, challenges, or constraints of a particular water treatment process or facility.

Flow Controllers

  • SST / Brass Construction
  • 6″ & 8″ ANSI Flange Connections
  • Flow Control Range: 85-680 GPM

Custom or Standard Gaskets

  • FDA Approved Silicone
  • Crab Type or Ring Type Manway
  • Ring & Full Faced Flange
  • Custom sizes available

Sight Glass Assemblies

  • SST Construction3/4″
  • MPT Connection

Solenoid Enclosures

  • 120VAC & 24VAC

Hydro Charger "Supercharger"

Hydro or Super Chargers are a must when recharging media filters and carbon media.  This small, easy to ship unit dramatically reduces media loading time time thus decreasing service time and expense.  All Lyons Filter Company Carbon Tower (GAC) systems are fitted with a 2 inch “hydrocharger” supply connection.

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