Lyons Filter Company designs custom sludge and waste water recovery systems including backwash recovery systems for potable and non-potable uses.  Typical systems separate solids from liquids for further treatment or disposal.  Systems utilize settling, chemical mixing, pressing, UV systems and filtration.
Lyons Filter’s first recovery system was started up in 2006 and we have found custom solutions ever since.

Standard Features

A standard wastewater recovery system for solid separation features key components: initial screening for large debris, grit removal to eliminate abrasive materials, primary settling tanks to separate sludge and scum, secondary treatments for further solids removal, clarifiers to settle remaining solids, filtration processes to capture finer particles, chemical treatment to aid particle aggregation, sedimentation tanks for floc settling, sludge dewatering to reduce volume, and a solids handling system. Control and monitoring tools ensure efficient operation. The specific design and components depend on wastewater characteristics and regulatory requirements, with environmental regulations guiding system configuration and treatment processes.


You can reclaim your system’s backwash water!

Waste water from Lime Treatment, Carbon Tower, Media Filter, and RO systems is reclaimable and we can help.  With proper treatment solutions and water quality monitoring these are systems that have a quick ROI and it is better for the environment. 

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Recovery Systems projects