Lyons Filter Company’s has years of experience with vessel replacement for Activated Carbon Towers (GAC), Media Filters, and Lime Treatment Systems.  After years of use a stainless steel or carbon steel vessels can develop leaks around weld seams and/or deteriorated plates.  Although repair can be done this damage generally indicates the vessel is at the end of its life.  Repairs can be costly and can require long frequent down times.
Certified vessel repairs (ASME-R) or non-certified vessel repairs are common on leaking pressure vessels. These repairs can be costly and in most cases the repair may only last 6-12 months.
If vessel repairs are not meeting your expectations Lyons Filter Company recommends replacement. A full replacement can be performed or if the outer piping is in good condition Lyons Filter Company can replace the pressure vessel shell and internals for a lower cost.
New Vessel installation has it’s challenges yet Lyons Filter Company has proven methods of turnkey installation and startup to lower your downtime.

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Vessel Replacement projects